Monday, February 15, 2010

Tomato Instant Noodles

We were wandering around the "Gourmet Food Hall" at the basement of Bellavista and we stumbled upon a little restaurant that sold instant noodles which they also served in their eatery. Interesting!

Being rather big fans of instant noodles (one of the most brilliant inventions ever for a satisfying quick meal), we were firstly fascinated by the tomato flavour, and secondly, we figured that if the restaurant served these, they should be pretty good. So, we decided to try these:

The noodles were especially springy ... good if you're the kind who tends to forget about your noodles and more often than not, end up with soggy overcooked noodles.

And the tomato sauce was really delicious! A nice departure from the usual beef, chicken or pork seasoning.

The restaurant also prided themselves in healthy eating, so these are less oily, and contain no preservatives.

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