Friday, February 5, 2010

More Dior Skincare Products ... Talk about a Dior Addict!

I went for my free makeup lesson with Dior (a perk fm my earlier purchase of the anti-wrinkle serum). And came away with these:

I thought my mom would benefit from these beauty products as well. And since she had pretty much admitted to neglecting herself and not pampering herself over the years, I thought she really deserved these. I got her the Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Concentrated Serum and One Essential. The rest of the stuff are promotional/freebies thrown in. Does it look like a good deal?
I was sorely tempted to get their undereye concealer (Diorskin Sculpt, Smoothing Lifting Concealer) as it's part of the Capture Totale line, which prides itself in providing anti-aging skincare while it conceals. As I'm not into plastic surgery or non-invasive cosmetic procedures (like Botox injections etc), I need all the help I can get! However, after spending so much, I gamely resisted (but truth be told, it was mainly cos it was out of stock! heh heh ... ).
I was also tempted to get their lipstick (Dior Addict High Color, Pink Ardor #674). Somehow, the shade suited me perfectly. I had been looking for a lighter shade of lipstick, hoping to create a younger/fresher look, but having pretty dark lips, I couldn't take a lot of these shades, so I'd effectively given up searching for my perfect lipstick and just stuck to my Rosebud Salve (which incidentally, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND). But this particular Dior lipstick has somehow managed to work for me really well ... it's basically everything I've been looking for in a lipstick. However, at NT950, I had to sadly turn it down. When did lipsticks get so pricey?

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