Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Meals in California ...

We were rather peckish in the afternoon, and had this "Champagne Trio" at Champagne French Bakery Cafe at the South Coast Plaza, Cost Mesa, California ... it was made up of a tuna salad, tomato relish and chicken curry with 2 slices of cheese toast ... yum!

Then for dinner, we went to the Claim Jumper, also at South Coast Plaza ... starting off with their Sirloin Beef Chili

Parmesan crust chicken

Fish Tacos ...

Finishing off with their award winning chocolate layer cake which is supposedly the motherlode of all chocolate cakes ... check it out:

It took me 4 days to finally finish it ... that's how huge it is! But it was truly amazing! One of the best chocolate cakes I've had ... but now, I'm not gonna have any chocolate for quite a while!

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