Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Villa32, Beitou, Taipei

After taking two over 10-hour flights nearly back-to-back, my neck and shoulders were aching ... airplanes have some of the most uncomfortable seats ever ... So, with the weather dipping to 17 deg C over the weekend, I was looking forward to soaking in a nice hot spring bath at Villa32 in Beitou.

Our private hot spring room ...

The water here is sulfuric - yellowish and smells distinctly metallic. Apparently, the mineral composition of different types of hot spring water has different health benefits. One of the benefits of sulfuric hot springs is that it treats various skin conditions like rashes, eczema etc. Another is that it's good for athritis. And also aids digestive disorders... amongst other things.

Well, personally, I felt my skin was a lot smoother after a good soak, and I slept like a log that night!

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