Friday, April 23, 2010

Greatest Adventure of My Life! Part 4 - Spanish Steps & Via Condotti

After the Colosseum, we took the Metro to Spagna station to see the Spanish Steps and hopefully do some shopping nearby ...

Here are some sights near the Spanish Steps ...

The famous Spanish Steps!
(Looking at this picture now, it's funny how this couple's matching striped shirts simply blend into the steps :))

Nope ... this isn't the Trevi fountain ... it's just a fountain in front of the Spanish Steps ... the Italians really love their fountains! "Where" magazine says one can drink the water fm the many fountains and water features around the city ... hmm ...

The most famous shopping street in Rome: Via Condotti



An uber stylish Italian policeman! Wasn't it written somewhere that they are dressed by Armani? Talk about Italian chic!

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