Friday, April 23, 2010

Greatest Adventure of My Life! Part 7 - Gelato!

As we were walking towards another famous landmark in Rome, we went past this little place ... Il Gelato di San Crispino. We saw lots of ppl standing outside and figured it must be pretty famous - the writeup in The New York Times added loads of credibility too! So, we stopped by to get some ...

I had hazelnut and lemon ... I know I know ... what an odd combination! But I thought if the hazelnut was too sweet/creamy, the lemon sorbet would help tone it down. However, it really wasn't necessary. The hazelnut gelato was absolutely heavenly! So deliciously nutty and perfect in terms of sweetness and creaminess! I should've gotten a chocolate or pistachio to go with it instead of the lemon! Although the lemon sorbet was fantastic too ... oh dear ... I'm pining for another scoop even as I write this!

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