Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tokyo Day 2: Tsujiki Market

I have to admit that my only purpose in going to Tsujiki Market (the fish market) in Tokyo is not so much to see the fish auctions and how the fish is hawled in from the fishing boats, but to indulge in sashimi to my heart's content :)

We chose this place to have some sashimi ...

Sadly, no photography was allowed in this eatery, so these photos will have to suffice...

As uni (sea urchin) is usually so expensive, I chose to have this (the one on the extreme left). It also came with 3 huge slices of raw salmon, 2 chunky pieces of scallop, fish roe and crab sticks. Let's just say the above pictures doesn't do it justice. I normally do not eat so much raw fish, but this one, I finished almost three quarers of it all.

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