Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greatest Adventure of My Life! Part 2

Thirteen hours later, the scheduled time for us to land in London came and went. I kept checking the monitor on the plane to figure out how much time left we had before we landed, but the screen was blank. I thought maybe it was just my screen that was faulty, and left it as that. Then the captain made an announcement that due to a volcanic eruption, we would be landing in ROME!!!!!!! What?! Rome?! Wasn't I supposed to land in London?!

And so began the greatest adventure of my life!

After I cleared customs, collected my luggage (which incidentally was wet! What a beginning!), I stood in line for the bus Cathay Pacific had arranged to take us to our hotel. These are some pics I snapped while waiting in line ...

The long line of passengers waiting for buses to get to the hotel ... at least I didn't feel so alone ...

The long line of passengers waiting to check-in at the hotel. I waited for nearly an hour before I got the keys to my room.

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