Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trendy Shoes!

Ever since I saw Emily (from cupcakesandcashmere) posing in her beautiful wooden platforms, I've been longing for a pair of my own. But it was difficult finding a suitable pair as I was convinced the gladiator kind that is so trendy now would make my legs look even shorter. Then I came across these at the Shida Night Market ...

I loved the way they looked when I tried them on with my skinny jeans. I bet they'll look great with leggings too!

These were really nice too! I love the shade of brown, and the sleek look of the leather. Cos of the rather simple design, they're actually pretty flattering on the legs :)

Maybe it's the trip to Rome that inspired me ... the gladiator shoes above, and these lovely white woven thongs with the interesting side details.

PS. All these are made in Taiwan!

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