Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hanky Scarf & Bags?

I've been playing around with that nice Burberry hanky/scarf that my friend had given me some time ago. I guess I never really got round to wearing it cos I'm not really a scarf person ... but I was thinking of using them like this (only I wonder ... does it feel like "me"?):

Or like this ...

I also made little bags/pouches using the Japanese method of folding fabrics:


  1. u could add it as an accessory to your bag?
    Or in a pocket of your jacket/shirt?
    Use it as a hair band?

  2. Good ideas! I may just tie on the handle of my bags to pretty it up. It's a little too short to be used as a hair band, but it'd be really nice to dress up a pony tail ... now I just need to wait for my hair to grow out :)