Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Gowns

Hmm ... there wasn't really a particular gown that blew me away at the Oscars this year, but I noticed that there were a number of more mature actresses who were present this year, and I was amazed at how great they looked! I only wish I could look as good when I get that age (preferably without any cosmetic surgery - invasive or non-invasive!). So, I was inspired to list the looks I liked from the youngest to the more experienced celebrities ...

First off, Miley Cyrus (17 yrs old) ... in Jenny Packham
I liked the sparkles, how the colour suited her, and how she looks dressed-up yet fresh and young and bubbly.

Kristen Stewart (19) ... in Monique Lhuillier
I'm not a fan of her usual grunge look, so I was pleasantly surprised to find her in a lovely gown, with her hair up (not unkept) and looking quite pretty. She certainly cleans up well!

Anna Kendrick (24) ... in Elie Saab
I know very little about this actress, but I do like what I see :)
The drape of this gown is gorgeous, and I love the peekaboo lace at the thigh-high slit. Would I have loved this more if the gown had been in a different colour? Maybe one that didn't blend into her skin colour so much (even though I hear "nudes" are in this season)? Maybe ... And I prefer my shoes more delicate ... double/triple platforms just don't seem to complement this delicate gown so well, even though the colour suits it perfectly.

Nicole Richie (28) ... in Reem Acra
The gown has a pretty open back (which I'm currently into). I like how this gives the gown an element of surprise and sexiness, all with loads of glitz, glamour and elegance built into it. The colours are pretty subdued, perfect to offset all that sparkle. And the sleeves are absolutely lovely! I really like looking at Nicole Richie - she's got such great style (except for maybe that headband stage ... hmmm ....)

Maggie Gyllenhaal (32) ... in Dries Van Noten
Although the prints don't really speak to me, I really really like this colour on her. She looks so fresh, bright and cheery, yet so elegant in this.

Diane Kruger (33) ... in Chanel
I normally take a while to appreciate Diane Kruger's gowns cos they are often unusual and intricately detailed, so they tend to grow on me. And I really like this about her style. Everytime I look at the gown, there's something new to notice. I thought she looked even more gorgeous standing next to a suit-clad guy - the darkness of the man's suit just makes this gown stand out.

Kate Winslet (34) ... in YSL
I think Ms Winslet looks so lovely. Her wavy hair softens the sleek look of this modern looking gown. And the metallic shade and sheen of this suits her complexion so well. Is it my imagination or does she look less curvaceous than usual? If it's cos of the dress, I gotta get me a gown like this! Beautiful!

Cameron Diaz (37) ... in Oscar De La Renta
She is in such fantastic shape, she puts me to shame as I'm the same age. I wish I looked that great! This gown is everything an Oscar gown should have - sparkles, shimmer, floor-length ... so why does it feel to me like it's somehow missing something to take it to a more glamourous/unique level? Hmmm ...

Sarah Jessica Parker (44) ... in Chanel
I know I'm committing a huge travesty by admitting that I was never a fan of her wardrobe in Sex and the City (with the exception of her Manolos - in particular those gorgeous silver d'orsays ... drool!) ... I was more of a fan of Charlotte's wardrobe - more conventional and girly I guess.

While I'm not head-over-heels in love with this gown, I have to applaud SJP for always taking risks and wearing something different and interesting.

Sandra Bullock (45) ... in Marchesa
I can't believe it ... Sandra Bullock is 45?! She certainly gets better as time goes by! Her hair and makeup look great, but I'm not crazy over this gown, even if I do like lace and the colour of this gown.

Demi Moore (47) ... in Versace
Is it possible to look this good at this age without any surgery? Hmmm ... But I think I'd have preferred it if she'd gone with something less frilly. Perhaps something more sleek and sophisticated?

Jane Seymour (59) ...
Oh wow!!! I did a double take when I saw this pic! She looks exactly the same as I remembered her in Dr Quinn (which was in the 90s)! Her red gown makes her look so vibrant. Somehow, she manages to look fresh, yet sophisticated/elegant, and still approachable.

Meryl Streep (60) ... in Project Runway Chris March's design
Elegant, classy and sophisticated. Totally totally age appropriate. I really admire how she doesn't try to dress overly young or sexy, yet still look oh-so elegant.

Sigourney Weaver (60) ... in Lanvin
Maybe mature women should wear more red! Just look at how great she and Jane Seymour look in this vibrant colour! They look so fresh and alive. Great choice of a gown too! The cut simply flatters her statuesque figure. Lovely!

Helen Mirren (64) ... in Badgley Mischka
If I ever had a grand function to attend at this age, THIS is how I want to look! Absolutely gorgeous!

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