Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar Gowns - Tribute to Curvy Gals and Significant Others :)

Just to show that one doesn't need to be totally skinny to look good! Queen Latifah looks absolutely gorgeous in this beautifully beaded gown. I really like the beaded accents that serve to flatter her figure - making her look slim in all the right places. And the colour suited her so well too! Everything was perfect about this. I want me one of this too!

As I was looking at all the Oscar gowns online, I felt that celebrities' Significant Others were sadly overlooked. Just cos they weren't celebrities, no matter how well dressed they were, they just weren't mentioning? And I'm pretty sure, they spent loads of time and energy dressing up and primping for the event. So, here's a tribute to these SOs:

First off, the lovely Livia Giuggioli - Colin Firth's wife. Is it any wonder "Mr Darcy" fell for her?

Luciana, Matt Damon's wife ... I thought the blush colours that are so "in" suited her to her a T. It brought out her tanned complexion, and started me thinking that this is the perfect season for us gals who don't have that milky white complexion!

Michele Lee, wife of Jason Reitman ... I thought she looked very nicely put together in a grecian inspired drapey dress in another lovely shade of blush/pink, with a very pretty beaded empire bodice.

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