Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lovely Rooms

I was looking for inspiration for table settings and thought to look into Crate & Barrel's website. I've always loved popping into Crate & Barrel and Williams and Sonoma when in the states, so I figured they'd prob have some lovely ideas, and while I did find some terrific dinnerware, I was taken by these pics fm their catalogue:

Wouldn't it be lovely to sit out here, sip some tea, munch on some cookies, while relaxing with friends or a good magazine and gazing out to the ocean now and then? Sigh ....

I would so love to have a nice outdoor patio area like this! I love the slate tiles, the colourful umbrella and cushions, the furniture, the poolside landscaping ...

I was attracted to this mainly cos of all the light filling this room, and of course that gorgeous view of the ocean. I also like the colorful little vases and flowers that make the whole room look even more sunny and cheery.

Oh ... I really really really like the wooden slate-like detailing on the legs of this dining table and sideboard. Gorgeous! And the colour is so beautiful too! The perfect shade - not too dark, not too light. So perfect in a light-filled room. It's times like this I wish I lived in America - I could actually have a room like this! No wonder they call America the land of dreams!

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