Monday, March 15, 2010

Shanghai Court, Taipei

I had a craving for those deep fried crispy eels that the Shanghainese are so famous for, so off we went to Shanghai Court at the Grand Hyatt, Taipei. But after poring over the entire menu, to my utter disappointment, they had taken this dish off their menu! In consolation, hubby ordered this:

Deep fried crispy fish (slightly larger than anchovies) .. oh ... what a delicious substitute!

Stir-fried beef with kailan

Steamed crab dumplings

Look at the lovely orangey crab roe! Yum!

Stir-fried mixed veggies in Chinese wine and fermented Chinese cheese ... hmmm ... this is definitely an acquired taste ...

Minced pork wrapped in beancurd skin, in chicken soup and with some vermicelli

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