Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello Kitty Pancakes!

Ever since a friend remarked that the Morinaga pancake mix was really good - nice and fluffy pancakes, I've been searching for this. And when I finally found them at Mitsukoshi, I happily picked the box up and paid for it. Then when I got home, I realised the instructions were in Japanese! And unusually, there was no chinese translation! So, off we went to try to find an English translation online. To our amazement, we found this: Morinaga Pancakes - a video demonstration on how to make the perfect pancakes using this mix! (click on the word "click" to watch the video)

As someone so succinctly put it, only on a Japanese product would your ingredients all have smiling faces! Hahaha ...

I decided to take out my Hello Kitty pan (left) to make some kawaii pancakes using the apparently pretty famous Morinaga pancake mix (right)

Hello Kitty Pancakes!!!!
Aren't they just simply adorable?!?!

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