Monday, March 8, 2010

Table Settings

Lately, I've noticed that my Ikea plates have fine hairline cracks and are getting stained. So, I've been thinking about replacing them, and investing in a good set of dinnerware that will go with my serving plates, bowls etc. The plate on which the soup bowl is resting on is the Ikea one that I need to replace. The rest are stuff I'd probably use when guests come over. I need to get new cutlery too ...

To get an idea of what I need to set tables when entertaining at home, I had a look at a video from Martha Stewart. However, that was pretty formal, and more for Western foods. As there is quite a big difference between serving Chinese and Western food, table settings differ too. Thing is, sometimes, we mix things up. And we're not really the formal entertaining sort. So, finally, I figured the casual dinner/lunch table settings would suit us best:

Casual Lunch Table Setting:

Casual Dinner Table Setting:

After looking loads of pics online of various table settings, some using darker plates, rectangular plates, squarish plates, I'm so torn. Should I change my dinnerware including my Japanese style floral bowls? Or should I just change my plain white Ikea plates for better quality plates but also in white? If only I had the space and money! I'd get 2 sets! For different looks!

Any thoughts?

[Casual Lunch/Dinner Table Settings taken from Toastandtables]

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