Friday, March 5, 2010

What Should I Get?

During a recent email conversation with a couple of friends, we were talking abt bags and makeup - such perfect conversational topics ... hahaha... And that reminded me of my search for a new wallet. I've been thinking of splurging on a good well-made designer wallet which will last me ... well ... forever ... or till I want a change .. whichever comes first :)

Wallets I would absolutely love love love to have, but are too pricey (above SGD3k at least) to even consider:

Hermes Bearn
(If I could afford this, what colour would I get? Rouge? Basic Black?)

Hermes Kelly Wallet
I bravely ventured into an Hermes shop the other day, and the very accommodating salesman told me that despite the way it looks, it is actually easy to get to yr money quickly by "locking" the flaps/"arms" behind the metal lock. So, it's only necessary to do all that unbuckling when getting your credit card out. And I've been reading that some ppl use this as a small clutch. So it's a wallet AND a clutch? Way to stretch your dollar eh?

Wallets that are pricey but at least more affordable than the above category (betw SGD1-3k):

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Classic Wallet
Oh ... this leather is soooo buttery soft, you will never want to stop stroking it. And the version I saw didn't have a zip for the coin compartment, Instead, it had a very lovely old-fashioned purse-like clasp, which I absolutely adore. I've been noticing that zips seem to adorn most of the current collection of wallets, so it's been tough finding a wallet with a purse clasp. This wallet can hold loads of cards. My only grouse is that it has only one notes compartment. I'd prefer at least 2 notes compartments to segregate my notes and receipts.

Wallets below SGD1k:

LV Sarah Wallet in Epi Leather
My very kind friend, C, helped me check this out when she was in London, but she, like me, didn't quite like the feel of epi leather. While I think it's really hardy, I still like a soft leather, which I can stroke and caress ... heh heh ...

Loewe Continental Wallet from the Anagram Signature Line
This is in boxcalf which feels like pretty hardy leather and has a nice leathery feel. It also has 3 notes compartment which I like cos I like to segregate my notes to ensure similar coloured notes with very different denominations do not get mixed up. And I like the third compartment for receipts. In terms of compartments, I really like this one. If I do get it, what colour do I get? A red to breathe some life into my otherwise very neutral coloured bag collection? Or a basic black that doesn't show up dirt easily, and goes with everything? Hmmm ...

Miu Miu Wallet
I like this cos I prefer clasps to zips. And I'm really drawn to these old-fashioned purse-like clasps. But colourwise .... hmm ...

Any thoughts?


  1. like u, i love clasps too. so mui mui works good for me (they hv other colors right? the color u hv here is really nice..i actually saw it). though i wld love the pricey ones, but to think that i might want to change it after a year or 2, it might not be worthwhile. After all, for that price range, u cld get a handbag....

  2. I'm actually pretty faithful to my wallet - I think I've been using mine for the last 6 years (at least!). But I usually take it everywhere - from high end shopping to wet market shopping, so I dread getting fish scales (or things like that) on a nice wallet. However, I figured maybe I should have a marketing purse (a super cheap one that can take all kinds of abuse), and get a nice wallet for my other shopping. Does that justify a more expensive wallet? Heh heh heh ...

    (Separately, I haven't seen the Miu Miu wallet in person, so the search continues, but I'll certainly keep your comments in mind :))