Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SATC ... Sex And The City

So yesterday, Sex and the City, the movie, was being shown on HBO. Not only did it get me wishing that I had a group of friends like that, with friendships as strong as they had - that survived arguments, health scares, career ups and downs ... basically anything that life could throw at one. But also, the movie brought up so many things about relationships that are so real. Watching it again makes me appreciate the movie and the entire series more ... maybe being older, the issues resonate more with me.

After the movie, I took out my SATC DVDs and began watching the series again ... it's still great after all this time ... one of those series that one wishes would never end, and when they do end, it's like suddenly there's an gaping hole in one's life.

I'm looking forward to the movie sequel, can you tell? :)

[Image from starpulse]

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