Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 Golden Globes Award

I've always loved watching the red carpet arrivals for the award shows.
For the 2010 Golden Globes, I liked these gowns:

Diane Kruger in Christian Lacroix

When I first saw this, I thought it was rather over-the-top,
but as I looked at it, and compared it to the other gowns
gracing the red carpet that day,
it grew on me.

For one, the colour really stood out in contrast to the traditionally
safer colours others had chosen for their gowns.
For another, you just had to give Diane Kruger kudos
for being daring enough to try something so different,
AND for being able to carry it off with her gorgeous complexion,
hair and makeup, and accessories.
You can tell she truly enjoys fashion,
and experimenting with different looks,
regardless how far-out they may seem.
Looking at stars in their beautiful gowns is afterall
tantamount to watching dreams/fantasies come to life...

Emily Blunt in Dolce & Gabbana

I've always had a soft spot for floaty chiffony gowns.
They look so ethereal and flowy and girly.
The colour of the gown also was such a lovely soft pink.

Drew Barrymore in Versace

This gown had 2 elements which I've always liked:
crystals & a beautiful goldenish shimmery shade
I did wish however that the cluster of crystals at the hip
didn't stand up quite so much.

Fergie in Elie Saab

This shade of lilac really appeals to me,
as does the beading at the waist.
And all that beautiful flowing silk/chiffon on the skirt of the gown ...

Heidi Klum in Roberto Cavalli

This dress is actually white in colour...
but I certainly wouldn't mind if it were in the pretty light blue
this photo shows.
Again, this highlights my love for floaty chiffony confections :)
And I like all the shimmer that's going on at the bodice.
Sigh ....

Reese Witherspoon in Armani

She looks simply amazing in this shade of blue.
And look at how this gown fits!
I wish I could look that good ...

Ginnifer Goodwin in Vionnet

I've never heard of this designer before,
but after doing some googling,
here's what I found:
Vionnet is a Parisian Fashion House
started by Madeleine Vionnet, who passed away in 1975.
At the helm of this label is now Rodolfo Paglialunga
(formerly from Prada).
Vionnet was apparently the pioneer of the bias cut,
so it's not surprising that the modern day designs
are all about fluidly draping fabrics.

On Ginnifer Goodwin, this shade of blue is gorgeous.
The strategic draping on the dress
enhances her figure
(and I believe if it were I who were wearing this,
would disguise all my figure flaws :) )

Only, cos of its length, the dress comes across as slightly
less formal than the longer gowns
seen on the red carpet.

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