Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dinner at Shida Night Market

The wide variety of food available.

Some adventurous foreigners choosing what they want in their "Lu Wei".

Shida is known for their stewed/braised stuff (滷味).
This one is from the "Lantern" stall.
Whenever we come to Shida, this is an absolute must for us.
Basically, we choose whatever we like from a wide array of food, like cocktail sausages, squid balls, various types of beancurd, mushrooms, chicken drumsticks, innards, vegetables, noodles etc.
Then, the cook will put all the food together and cook it in a piping hot broth,
then serve it with some chili (optional), some hot broth, preserved vegetables and spring onions.

Yes, this is the infamous smelly tofu!
When done right, this is absolutely delicious!
Perfectly crispy, with some minced garlic, chilli and oyster sauce,
and a side serving of pickled cabbage,
this is one of my favorite foods at the night market.

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