Friday, January 29, 2010

Japanese "Tapas" or 居酒屋

Met a friend for dinner yesterday evening,
and she took me to this "Ju Jiu Wu" or what I like to term as
a Japanese Tapas place,
cos they are essentially drinking holes that
serve food in small/snack portions,
to complement the drinks.
I don't drink, but I love the concept of sampling many different dishes,
and the food at these places are generally pretty good.

Spinach with Bonito flakes and a sesame sauce

Their No. 2 Bestselling dish
- Grilled Squid with spring onions
I'm not a huge fan of squid, but this was really good!

Fried chicken with onions, grated radish
and a sauce that sizzles when poured onto the hot plate

Japanese "pizza"

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