Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Surprise! All the way from LA!!!!

Our very sweet (no pun intended ... hahaha) friends
who are currently living in Laguna Beach, California,
brought this all the way from their little excursion to LA!


(Erm ... one was quickly devoured before this photo could be taken ...)

You know how you read about things that are so far away and unattainable that you know you'd never have the chance to see, let alone try/savour,
YET you keep wishing for it?
That's what I was thinking about these cupcakes!
These apparently are the cupcakes to the stars!
Oprah loves them
Katie Holmes loves them
Suri Cruise had them for her birthday
Need I say more?
And we got 6 of these cupcakes yesterday!!!!
Thanks to D & K!!!
(For enduring the long queues to buy them,
carrying them all the way fm LA
to Laguna Beach
to the airport,
hand carrying them on the loooong plane ride to Taipei!!!!)

Can you tell by the number of exclamation marks how excited I am?!?!?
:) :) :) :) :)

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