Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food in Kaoshiong

We found this very pretty restaurant
- The Andre -
around the Xin Jue Jiang area.

I had scallops with linguine

Hubby had this delicious lasagne.
I love how so far all the lasagne that I've had in Taiwan
are deliciously moist and are served
in a rich creamy sauce.

We topped our meal off with a huge cup of tea from Michael:
Their sizes are:
Small () or
Fat ()

Just to illustrate how "fat" the big cup is,
that's a guava next to the cup.
That's like about 1000cc -
took us 2 days to finish it ... haha ...
and it was so cheap! At NT20 only!

Hubby's colleague recommended we try this seafood restaurant
on the old street of Qi Jin:

We were feeling thirsty after our little outing at the beach,
so we had some "mian mian bing" or shaved ice with fruits.

Hubby's very hospitable colleague who's from Kaoshiong
also took us to this restaurant - Smokey Joe's.
It's apparently pretty popular and gets filled up fast especially on the weekends.

Fried Chicken Wings

Mashed potato balls in cheese

Deep fried calamari

Squid in a garlic, chili and basil sauce
with special squid ink noodles
(squid ink was mixed into the noodle flour to create this special noodles)

German Pork Knuckles
- baked to crispy perfection

Stewed/Braised Beef Ribs

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