Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fashion Bucket List

Life is full of contradictions.
When you're young, you look good in loads of stuff,
but can't afford the "better" things in life
(ie. high-end luxury items)
When you're old, wrinkled arms and hands don't look
so good carrying designer goods and
wearing designer jewelry,
but that's when you can afford them.

I think I'm at that age where
I feel I should pamper myself with some luxury items
... before it gets too late.
Hence, I've come up with my "Fashion Bucket List",
aka list of things I wish to have before I kick the bucket
or get too old/wrinkled ...

Here's my Fashion Bucket List
(or wish list for future birthdays/valentine's day/anniversaries ... hubby?
pretty please? hee hee ....):

1. A Gorgeous Diamond Ring
Like this one by Martin Katz ...

2. Hermes Kelly Sellier Bag

In box leather ... or croc ....

3. Hermes Pochette or Elan Clutch

4. Hermes Bearn Wallet
This croc version looks gorgeous, but I'd gladly take any
kind of leather :)

5. Chanel Handbag

Sigh ... just checked out some prices of the Hermes stuff ...
and sadly, I think the bulk of my Bucket List will never see the inside of my wardrobe ... oh well ...
there are more important things in life
BUT I live in hope! :) :) :)

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